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Toaster Oven Buyers Guide

Toaster ovens have been experiencing a huge resurgence in popularity lately. Toaster ovens are typically compact, easy to use and great appliances for cooking a wide variety of foods. Before you buy a toaster oven, though, there are a few key factors that you need to consider. It always pays to be an informed customer. When you know what you’re looking for in a toaster oven, you’re more likely to make a smart buy and get the best toaster oven for your needs.

Buy A Toaster Oven From Trusted Manufacturers

When you shop for a new car, there’s a good chance that you have a particular maker that you’re loyal to. It should be the same way when you shop for a toaster oven or convection toaster oven. You don’t want to just jump at the first model you see, just because it’s the cheapest. Instead, you should make sure that the model you’re considering is made by one of the more reputable manufacturers.

Best Rated Toaster Oven Manufacturers:

• Cuisinart
• KitchenAid
• Black & Decker
• Hamilton Beach
• Breville

Top Selling Toaster Ovens:

  1. BLACK+DECKER Countertop Convection Toaster Oven, Silver, CTO6335S
  2. Hamilton Beach Toastation 2-Slice Toaster 22708
  3. BLACK+DECKER 4-Slice Toaster Oven, Stainless Steel, TO1303SB
  4. Proctor Silex 31122 Modern Toaster Oven
  5. Oster Large Digital Countertop Convection Toaster OvenTSSTTVMNDG-SHP-2

Cooking Capacity

You need to consider how you’re going to be using the toaster oven you’re considering so that you buy one with enough cooking capacity. You’ll find that most convection toaster ovens are considered either 4 or 6 slice ovens. The four slice toaster oven is made to handle a smaller amount of food than a six slice oven. So, if you plan on cooking larger portions of food, you’ll want to get a toaster oven that is at least a 6 slice model. That way, you won’t find yourself running out of cooking room when you need it most.


Many people don’t consider the importance of durability when buying a toaster oven. It’s important, though, to buy a model that’s known for being tough and durable. Toaster ovens are very often moved around the kitchen. They also share space on the counter with other appliances. These two things can add up to more wear and tear on a toaster oven than you might think. By purchasing a tough, stainless steel toaster oven, you’ll stand a better chance of buying a durable model with years of life.

Extra Features

Today’s best convection toaster oven models are made with some very cool extra features. From LED display panels to rotisserie capabilities, you can find toaster ovens that do it all. Think about the extras that you might, or might not use, before you buy your toaster oven. If you like to try new things and plan to cook frequently with your toaster oven, try to get a model that has the extra features you’d find the most helpful. If, however, you like to keep things simple, you might want to get a more straightforward, basic model.

Keep everything here in mind when you are shopping for your toaster oven. By knowing the most important things to look for, you are more likely to get the best toaster oven to suit your unique needs.

Toaster Oven Safety Tips for Buyers and Users
When you cook, with any kind of appliance, you need to be safe. Any time you’re dealing with an appliance that cooks food, there are inherent risks that you should take steps to minimize. It’s no different with toaster ovens. Even though the typical toaster oven is much smaller than a conventional oven, it’s no less dangerous when operated carelessly. Since none of us wants to be injured while cooking, it’s important to keep some basic toaster oven safety tips in mind when you use your convection toaster oven.

Toaster Oven Safety Tips

Make Sure You Have Enough Counter Space For Your Toaster Oven

It’s important to have adequate space on the counter, in order to operate your toaster oven safely. The typical convection toaster oven will get extremely hot while it’s in use. If you have other appliances, or foods sitting directly next to the toaster oven, the chances of a fire breaking out are much greater. Always make sure that the area you set your toaster oven up in has plenty of room, and that the toaster oven doesn’t come into contact with any other appliances while it is in use.

Use A Potholder To Protect Your Hands

A common injury that toaster oven owners suffer from is burned hands. People will sometimes inadvertently try to move the toaster oven a bit, while it’s in use. This is not a good idea, as most toaster ovens have exteriors that can get extremely hot – hot enough to easily burn your hands. It’s best to never try to move your toaster oven while it’s in use. But if you do have to move yours, turn it off, let it cool down for a bit and use oven mitts to protect your hands.

The 2 Most Important Toaster Oven Safety Tips -Keep Kids Away and Watch The Cooking

When you’re cooking with your convection toaster oven, be sure that it is well out of the reach of any children. It’s very easy for young kids to reach up to the counter, without even knowing that the toaster oven is in use, and severely burn their hands. The best practice is to keep very little ones well clear of the kitchen when you’re doing any kind of cooking. This is especially important when you are cooking with a toaster oven, so make sure that the kids have something else to keep them busy while you cook.

Make sure you keep an eye on the cooking process. Most of the best convection toaster oven models have auto shut-off options as a safety feature. If you’re shopping around for a convection toaster oven, make sure that you get a model that includes this important safety feature. While you never want to rely on the auto shut-off feature alone, it’s best to only buy toaster ovens that will turn off automatically after a certain amount of time, to avoid accidental kitchen fires.

Remember these toaster oven safety tips while you cook with your toaster oven. And make sure to read the instruction manual and safety instructions that came with your toaster oven. By staying informed about all the proper safety precautions, you’ll be equipped to safely cook with your toaster oven.